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Kourtney and Kim Take Miami Episodes



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"When are you going to grow up? Are you still an adolescent?! Get yourself together! At your age, Jesus made wine out of water!"

Pil Hoon’s dad (Level 7 Civil Servant)
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Welcome to our first giveaway! ^^


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  • You can reblog as many times as you want. Likes also count as an entry.
  • No giveaway blogs. RP blogs are fine.
  • The winners will be picked through
  • The winners will receive an ask telling them that…
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Seunggi, you are absolutely perfect in this new episode. Your crying face is glorious.

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@MakatiMed ER (Taken with instagram)

@MakatiMed ER (Taken with instagram)

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Visita Iglesia 2012 (Taken with instagram)

Visita Iglesia 2012 (Taken with instagram)

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2PM Don’t Stop Can’t Stop DVD CONCERT

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[GIFS] 2PM Oppo CF - Heads In the wall

cr: righful owners via khunislove|

What a strange CF. Who ever owns that wall is lucky though, tehe! | -Vo

(Source: twixjunho)

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